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Treeing Tennessee Brindle Breeders Association

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* Current Newsletter *
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Spring Events and Get Together- March 18th & 19th at the Cass County Coon Hunters Club- Logansport, Indiana . Both buddy hunts and NKC events.
Support the Cass County Coon Hunters Club with your $5.00 membership. They support the T.T.B.B.A.
Check out our T.T.B.B.A. web site at   A report on our spring events will be on our web site in early April we hope.
Got any news or good photos to share? Send your news and photos to James Landis at 1666 S. 1000 W. Logansport, IN 46947 for our T.T.B.B.A. Full Cry news column.
Our 2005 T.T.B.B.A. yearbook is in the process of being put together and believe me we need your support of this year's book. Every year it is a real problem to get the ads and the support to put out our book. This year is no exception. The yearbook is important to our association and to our breed of dogs. It is also a piece of history. It is hard to write the history without the help of people that have a part in it. Yearbook ads are $30.00 per page and the deadline is now May 1st. With everyone's cooperation, we hope to have the book out by mid July. Please consider supporting our association and our dogs with your ad in our 2005 book. Please send your ads to me at 3286 E. 900 S. Walton, IN 46994.
As usual, our 2005 annual meeting and reunion will again be at the Cass County Coon Hunters Club east of Logansport, IN on the banks of the Wabash River. The event dates are Sept. 29, 30, & Oct. 1, 2005. For more details contact Joe and Sally Bowyer at: 574-722-2230.
I hope that everyone had a fun and safe hunting season. I had the fun of hunting an old reliable dog in Rock, the good and bad of working a young dog out of Rock, and the sadness of losing a long time hunting partner, Hooter.
Best Regards,
Don Bonsett